60x60cm  sold                             

'Divided Mist'

40x40cm floater framed

 Available at Galeri 45, Bangor


'The Bridge'

50x50cm £250 sold

'Warm Ether (on a widening morn)'

60x60cm £300

'Castel Cric' 

40x40cm £200 Framed Canvas sold

'Over the hill' Not available at present
'In yellow light'

20cm x 20cm


'Mist Divided'

19.5 cm x 19.5 cm £40

'Fire in the Sunlit Silence'

80x80cm  £600 Block Canvas

For Sales Email the artist at or visit the galleries above.

Limited Edition Giclee Prints Available with Mount and free delivery in the UK


'Silent and Serene'

Available at Galeri Betws-y-coed

'Purple Mist'

60x60cm Available at Galeri Betws-y-coed

'Misty Morn' 

60x60cm £300 Floater Frame


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